What Is This Shit?

Marc Bolan, Glam Rock Legend & “Sullyville“ Subscriber.

Don’t just take T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan’s word for it. “Welcome to Sullyville” is an eclectic, ongoing creative project by freelance writer Dan O’Sullivan. It will probably be interesting, and weird. Maybe you won’t like some of the entries. Maybe you’ll be fascinated by my post about how Japanese convenience stores produce gourmet cuisine, and hate my next entry on how Al Capone was responsible for cleaning up the Chicago dairy industry. Both are true, incidentally. Just keep coming back. Or tell me what you like reading; I’m highly suggestible.

Why Should I Pay For This Shit?

As the pros say: your contribution as a subscriber is less than the cost of a cup of Joe. I’m talking about coffee here.

For the cost of this dog stealing your coffee, you could be paying me.

In addition to depriving dogs of coffee (they shouldn’t drink it), your contributions subsidize me as I try to write, take a chance on writing stuff that’s different or unfamiliar, blah blah blah. Look, it’s serious to me, I can promise you, and I view this newsletter as a proving ground for writing every day - improving my abilities and hopefully providing you with something interesting to read every week.

Who Is This Asshole Writing This?

“Welcome to Sullyville” Writer Dan O’Sullivan (Not Pictured)

You may be saying to yourself: This guy is a faintly ridiculous man, probably with a Napoleon complex, who will be writing this newsletter while working full-time at a day job. Some of that is unfair.

I can at least say I’ve done a few interesting things that might be a good omen for you parting with your hard-earned money and funding my ass. The evil company Uber doesn’t like me. I went to graduate school in the Middle East. An essay I wrote about labor exploitation in pro wrestling was anthologized in The Best American Sports Writing 2015. I wrote a series of articles for VICE Sports which were the first to question an NYPD cover-up of their brutalization and arrest of NBA star Thabo Sefolosha. I used to jockey rental cars at an airport and found a bunch of baked beans left inside a trunk once.

Maybe you’ll like what I write??

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